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Sarilla Lemon Black Tea (Sparkling)

Sarilla Lemon Black Tea (Sparkling)

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Sofi™ Best New RTD Award recipient! Made with organic Rwandan silver tips and black teas blended with a splash of lemon juice and a touch of cane sugar.

Sarilla is an 100% plant-based, organic and lightly sparkling beverage made with regeneratively grown, functional ingredients.  Free from alcohol, refined sugar, no stevia or erythritol. Low or no calorie. All natural enjoyment. 

We partner directly with growers in Rwanda, East Africa and host a Crop to Cup trip where people can experience the beauty, joy and resiliency in this unique part of the world. 

Sarilla is a woman-owned company and our founder, Sara, has been sober since the age of 28. She wanted to provide a better option for alcohol-free socializing and created Sarilla in kegs to serve in Asheville area breweries in 2018. 

Sarilla is free from any alcohol flavor and does not have any trace of alcohol.

Check out Sara’s podcast episode with me to learn more about this great drink option and the story of Sarilla!

Lightly carbonated and shelf stable, best served cold. 35 calories per can. 0.00% ABV and no alcohol flavor.  Shelf stable up to 2 years. BevNet Live Best Packaging Design December 2022 Award! Product Attributes • 100% organic, regenerative ingredients • Free from artificial ingredients, refined sugar, preservatives • Naturally-derived polyphenols, antioxidants, amino acids • Plant-based energy (77 mg caffeine) • Ethical sourcing, positive mission
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