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Bayjoo Tree Bark Brew "Childhood Bliss"

Bayjoo Tree Bark Brew "Childhood Bliss"

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Bayjoo is a line of tree bark brews made with mauby bark (unique ingredient native to the Caribbean), curated and organic spices, herbs & flowers. Functional: great for digestion, cholesterol, and inflammation. Great on its own or as a mixer (enjoy it with spirits and stay hydrated to avoid hangovers!) 5 calories 0 sugar Made with organic ingredients Thirst-quenching Extremely refreshing Flavor profile: blended with hibiscus flowers - semi-sweet, semi-tart, floral, fruity


water, mauby bark, organic lemon juice concentrate, monk fruit, organic cinnamon extract, organic clove extract, organic fair trade brewed hibiscus herbal tea extract

To learn more about Anna and her special brews, check out her interview on the 3-21 No Kiddin' Podcast!

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